It's a 'real student story.'

" It was a wonderful sunny day, and I just finished a working day in a magazine that is based in the city. I came home to two police officers sitting in our living room with my mother. " Jessica told me

" My father went missing for a few days, and I thought he found him unwell. I never thought what would happen next, " she continued

For some students, these problems are much higher than in 4.0

For some students, the idea of lectures, social life and cost savings is enough to send your head to swimming. The idea of having something other than a successful academic career is what I hope will never have to be solved. For some students, these problems are much higher than in 4.0

Jessica Davis, 21, a finalist at Sheffield University in England, knows that in some of the most difficult and emotional situations, we can remain optimistic and optimistic. In 2014, just three months before Jess was supposed to start university, she lost her father as a suicide

"My father had a long, weary battle with depression since I was born," she said, and she stopped taking the meds she had for us. We know that the side effect of stopping his tablet is suicidal tendencies. "

"The time between the Pope's death and the primary university seems to be one big long word of sleepless nights; the lots say," I'm sorry, "she said," I felt strong in this place and even went with my mother to identify his body and arrange the funeral. "

" I didn' t want her to go through all this alone and somehow made it real and made me deal with it, even though I don't know how we did it. A month later, I found out that I was working enough hard to get to Sheffield, and I was never so happy. I knew I needed to get out of the sad reality, but to start with a new life and continue living as usual, because that's what he'd want. "

With the beginning of the school year, Jess must make a tough decision to stay at home and delay it for a year, or for four hours, to start a three-year course. She chose the last one

Jess said, " I was desperate to get into the university and get away from the mountain before it took over. It was never home, and I didn' t want to run away from my memories; it was more, so I couldn't look at me in pity. "

Jess was talking about how, in the whole of her way, she kept thinking that her father was proud of what she did

" It seems to me that I am beginning the university University and saved me; the idea that he is around everyone, not one dialogue that is not about death, rather than why it happened, drove me mad. I thought it was the right thing to do, and it was. "

Jess talked about how, throughout her life, one thing that kept her was the idea that her father was proud of what she had done. " I was constantly optimistic, working to achieve what I want and, I hope, finish the work that I love. I want my father and the rest of the family to be proud of me. Something that makes me more of a positive person during my research, it's not to deny who I am or my life. "

Leaving the universities with high ratings, working experience with the popular British store-store, and never ending with positive results, Jess is proof that maintaining optimism and maintaining itself in a good environment will help anyone through difficult times

"I am incredibly lucky to have met me at the university, luckily, I live with people who understand depression and respect what happened to me."

She said: " Something that keeps me in the most positive part is the support of close friends and family. I'm incredibly lucky to have met me at the university, luckily, I live with people who understand depression and respect what happened to me. "

Almost three academic years on the line, and Jess, the gio at the end of the tunnel is light. Despite the worst tragedies occurring outside the university walls, dreams are still within reach. I asked Jess about her best advice about optimism and how she managed to do so well at the university

" I think that without my friends or family as a permanent network of support throughout this time, it would be a million times stronger. To be positive is the best thing to do. "

Jess said her father is also a very positive person; " He has taught me to stay positive, and his last lesson (in the letter he wrote to me) was to achieve great things to travel as much as I can and be happy. That is why I have the word "happiness" on the inner part of my forearm in memory of him and that he was very happy, despite his battles, despite his battles. "

It's been two and a half years since Jess lost her father, and she's very happy that over time, things are getting easier and it's possible to get back on new things and learn to live with him

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